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COVID-19: Update on the practicability of the European Park Walk
COVID-19: Update of open reception facilities
COVID-19: the wayfarer's rules for safe hospitality
distance, wear the mask indoors, wash your hands often, always sanitize your hands

Are the activities bookable only in advance?

The activities can be purchased at the moment, but we recommend a reservation in advance, as for reasons of organization in case they are groups. Just go to the site to find all the opportunities and proposals available. Among them, you will only have to choose the ones you want. By booking them in advance, such as the CilentoinVolo Zip-line you avoid any discomfort

Are there Pic Nic areas?

During the routes there are various Pic Nic areas which are very suitable for families with children

Is it possible to stay for just one night in overnight accommodation facilities?

Along the way there are various refreshment points and it is also possible to stay overnight for just one night only (see availability of the structure)

Is it possible to reach the starting point by public transport?

Yes, they can be reached by public transport ( please check Trains and Buses timestables)

Are the proposed excursions also suitable for the disabled?

Not recommended for disabled people with mobility problems (not all routes are accessible with a wheelchair)

Do the prices also include taxes?

The prices are inclusive of taxes, in the overnight stays the tourist taxes that vary from municipality to municipality must be added

Can I do the route without a guide?

The routes can be done without a guide using the Cammino app or by following the signs

Are the routes also suitable for families with children?

The routes are feasible for families with children (following the difficulty index indicated in the individual sections)

Is the route suitable for everyone?

The route is suitable for everyone, always following the indications of the difficulty index

Can Guides be booked in the Archaeological Sites-Museums / Caves?

Yes, you can book the Guides, as well as the use of the App Guides that are proposed by some Archaeological sites (Paestum)

What is the suggested clothing for the tours?

Summer and in the mid-seasons we tend to think that we can dress lighter, but that's not the case. Depending on the altitude and the weather it may be necessary to wear clothing such as fleece, anorak, hat and gloves. In order not to exceed in bringing clothes and at the same time not to leave something useful at home, here is a brief description of what is needed.

The basic rule is always to dress like an onion: you start with light clothing in contact with the skin and cover yourself with heavier clothing. In summer, warm clothing is usually stored in the backpack and if necessary we wear them according to the temperature and our feeling.

Before listing the clothes to wear and to keep in your backpack, I would like to underline two natural phenomena that can occur during our excursions:

WIND: The wind is in my opinion the worst enemy of the hiker, even on a beautiful day it can annoy us or worse make us catch the classic wind, especially when we are sweaty. Having a windstopper in your backpack is strongly recommended. The famous goretex jacket, for example,  is the perfect garment because it is light, breathable, waterproof and windproof; with this garment we have total protection.

RAIN: This natural phenomenon can also happen during an excursion. The climate in the mountains sometimes changes suddenly and a sudden downpour, even if of very short duration, can wet us from head to foot! I do not recommend an umbrella, in addition to being bulky, it can be a perfect attraction for lightning in the event of a storm. A  cape is widely used and is the cheapest solution. However, if we want to be more comfortable in the movements and better repaired, I recommend the k-way (or the goretex shell already mentioned) for the upper part and rain pants for the lower part.

Having made the premises with the most "annoying" natural elements, here is a list of types of clothing to best face your summer excursions:


Short-sleeved shirt in breathable synthetic fabric (not too heavy)

Sleeveless windproof fleece (to wear if the morning is particularly cool)

Sun glasses.


Lightweight technical fabric trousers (jeans highly not recommended). I recommend long pants.

Technical fabric socks. They cost a little but ensure breathability, do not make the foot sweat excessively and prevent the formation of slack.

Waterproof hiking boots.


Microfleece in breathable fabric.

Sleeveless windproof microfleece.

Windbreaker, if possible in GoreTex or similar, (light) only serves as protection in windy weather or during a snowfall. The Kway can also be fine if you don't reach high altitudes.

Rainproof over-trousers

Gloves in case the cold is intense.

Technical fabric shirt and spare socks.

Water and food

Sun cream and cocoa butter.


It is advisable to have a backpack of at least 25 litres, to store unused clothing. Another element not to be underestimated is that the backpack is equipped with side ties to be able to hang the sticks when not in use.

One last tip is to always wear colorful clothes, it's not a question of fashion but being colorful means being visible. In an emergency, you are more easily noticed.

How to discover Cilento

For an unforgettable experience in the uncontaminated nature of Cilento.

Let yourself be enveloped by its silences, its rhythms, its flavors, the colors and essences of its Mediterranean scrub. The Cilento trails are unique

... in a single breath from the summit of Mount Bulgheria to the crystal clear water beaches of the Infreschi and Masseta Marine Protected Area

... on the thousand paths of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, and since 1997 a Biosphere Reserve

and since 2010 it has become the first Italian National Park and then became a Geopark.

… Along rivers and streams, among the extraordinary karst cavities, delightful waterfalls, ancient mills

... along the religious paths to live the ancestral faith that is felt alive at every step to reach sanctuaries or rock chapels

Plan your holiday in Cilento